Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Winter!

First Day of Winter!

With the Winter Solstice taking place today (here in the Northern Hemisphere), we will unfortunately deal with the shortest day (and longest night) of the year.  However, the good news is that starting tomorrow the days will begin to get longer and longer again until the first day of Summer next year.

We actually had some really nice weather here in Southeastern Wisconsin all the way up until about a week ago.  We had really been "spoiled".  However, the cold weather came with a vengeance this past week where we have had days with wind chills of  20 degrees BELOW ZERO!  Luckily it has warmed back up into the 30's. (Yes, that's warm in December to a Wisconsinite, lol!)

Hopefully you have been keeping warm in your neck of the woods.

Happy Winter!

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