Sunday, April 12, 2015

Finally Starting To Feel Like Spring!

It's FINALLY starting to feel like spring, here in Wisconsin.

For the first two weeks, I think Mother Nature must have forgotten that it was spring because it was freezing!  Then it warmed up a little early last week but all we got was a bunch of rain and thunder storms.  I know that April showers bring May flowers but when it rains for three days straight, it gets draining.  

It has been warm and sunny for the last few days and spring is in full effect.  I'm hoping that it stays this way.  I'm glad spring is finally here but there was one thing I forgot about when it comes to spring...INSECTS!  There is a fly in the house that keeps buzzing around everywhere and is driving me crazy. Boooooo!

Other than that, I'm enjoying spring.  I hope that you are enjoying the weather where you are, as well.

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