Monday, April 20, 2015

Cows or Supermodels?

As a Wisconsinite I LOVE cows.   So anytime I am somewhere and get the opportunity to take pictures of them, I can't resist.  

I came to the conclusion that the particular cows I'm going to share with you today must be special. They must be used to taking pictures because I could swear that they were actually posing, lol.  I had to wonder if cows can be supermodels too!

Looking right at the camera, like it's nothing! LOL

Here's another one, clearly posing.

The diva.  Clearly doesn't want to be bothered!
The superstar -  Lives for the camera!  LOL

I hope you've enjoyed!


  1. Was that at Wisc. State Fair? Those are Herfords a beef breed, my friend's son won Grand Champion Herford at state fair this year.

  2. It was at the state fair in 2013, actually. I'm just now getting the chance to post the pictures. That's great about your friend's son!


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