Thursday, April 2, 2015

Christmas Lights ... In April?

This post will be rounding up my 2014 updates.  Yep, you guessed it...this one is from the Christmas season.  I know I'm so behind, with it being April and all but I had to share this with you.

My mom and I went on the "Jingle Bus" tour in Milwaukee where the bus rides around different historical places in the city.  The tour guides give the history of the places as the bus rides by.  The tour included different business and parks around the city.  It's always done around the holidays because the downtown area is decorated with lights.

The meeting place for the tour was at the Grand Avenue Mall.  When we purchased our tickets, we were given the time of our tour along with a voucher for a free cookie and hot cocoa.  All for only one dollar!  Each bus left 20 minutes after the next and the actual tour/ bus ride lasted about 40 minutes each.

We had about an hour wait before our bus left so we got our cookie and hot cocoa while we waited.  We also walked around to view the decorations.  

They even had an orchestra of bears.  Too cute!

Once we got on the bus I was determined to get a lot of pictures.  However, it was a little trickier than I thought it would be since the bus was constantly moving and there was a glare on the bus window a lot of times.  I got a couple good pictures, though.

Gingerbread Man!

There were a lot more place that either came out blurry when I took the picture or that I just wasn't fast enough to get the picture at all with the bus moving.  

Although it was some nice scenery, honestly my mom and I weren't exactly thrilled.  We thought we were going to see a lot more lights than we did.  It seemed like the only places on the tour that had really nice lights were the parks.

Since our Christmas light craving wasn't satisfied, my mom had an idea to drive by the Miller Brewing lights display.  The display is only about a block or two long but they really go all out! Every 15 minutes or so, the light show would begin and would last for about 10 minutes.  We didn't even know this existed until my mom saw it mentioned on TV earlier that week.  She was determined to see it from that moment on.

We caught the last few minutes of the previous show when we first got there, then we waited until it began again and watched it from the beginning.  It was great!  It was COLD so I took the pictures while sitting in the car.  I got so many great pictures that I can't possibly put them all on here, but I'll share as many of them with you as I can.

The Miller lights show ended the night off perfectly.  It was a long night but overall it was a great excursion with Mommy!

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