Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dinosaurs and Updates!

Well, I promised after being on hiatus for 2 years the last time that I would never be gone that long again.  I kept my promise...this time I was only gone a year and a half! LOL

I'm going to give you some updates and let you know a little about what's been going on.  This is going to be a long post, but I promise not to bore you too much!

Originally, I was having some issues with my computer (Windows/Explorer) at the time and was unable to really create a normal post, so I stopped blogging and planned to continue again once I got the problem figured out.  Well, I finally corrected the issue but then life got CRAZY!

Since then I've moved and will be moving again, shortly.  I hate moving, by the way!  Also, I finally went back to being self-employed back in January last year so I've been really busy getting everything together with that.  Things actually took a little longer to carry out than I planned but now everything is coming together quite nicely and I can finally breathe.

Starting around autumn last year, one of my sisters has been dragging me with her to different events.  I'll be sharing with you today the pictures from one of those events.  This particular event was when she and I went to see "Walking With Dinosaurs" back in October last year.

Neither one of us have any kids but she was able to get free tickets so we were like, "Hey, why not".

The audience was told not to take pictures with a flash so I did the best I could with my cell phone camera.  Although, I think the ushers had a problem with the light from the cell phones because we kept seeing them ask others who were taking photos with their phone (without a flash) to stop.  So my sister was on the look out while I snapped the photos (shhh).  She wouldn't actually take any photos herself, she just made me take them then told me to send them to her.  That's older sisters for you...always making the youngest do the the dirty work! LOL

The pictures below were at the very beginning before the dinosaurs came out, when the narrator was talking about their environment/habitat.

Then came the dinosaurs

It was actually pretty funny that when I looked closely, I could see the people in the machine, driving to make the dinosaurs move around the floor.

I had way more pictures (despite my sister making me smuggle them, lol), but I didn't want to make this post longer than it already is.

Overall, it was a good show.  All of the kids there loved it and it was very educational. 

I'll be back soon, with pictures from another excursion with my sister and one with my mom.  See you soon! 
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