Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Heatwave is Over!

It has been soooo hot lately, here in southeastern Wisconsin!  It was in the mid to upper 90's all last week with a heat index in the hundreds, and there was a heat advisory warning for most of the week.  I was joking with my mom last week on one of the (roughly) hundred degree days and said to her, "Whew, it feels like Africa out here!"  LOL.  Then when I saw her again on a (slightly cooler) lower 90 degree day I told her, "Well, at least it doesn't feel like Africa anymore.  Now it just feels like Texas!" (Which is only slightly better. lol)  The heat alone wouldn't be so bad but it's always very humid since we're right near Lake Michigan.  So the humidity makes it even worse!

Luckily it has cooled off tremendously.  It has only been in the lower to mid 80's for the last few days and today it's only in the 70's so all I have to say is...HURRAY!!!  I didn't even need to turn on the air conditioning today.  It was cool enough outside to cool off my home just by opening the windows. 

I know with August being right around the corner, it'll be scorching hot again before I know it.  But I'll enjoy the mild weather for now.

Hope all of you are staying cool this summer!

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