Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Spotlight

This week’s Saturday Spotlight is about Trina at A Country Farmhouse.
I’ve just recently come across this blog and loved it from the very start.  Trina’s blog has documented the renovations of the farmhouse that she and her husband live in.  She’s captured everything from rooms in the home, to beautiful flowers and scenery surrounding it.  The photography on the blog is absolutely phenomenal and gives a great feeling of peace and serenity while viewing. 
In her latest post, she talks about becoming a contributing editor for “Country Living Magazine”.  That’s always been one of my favorite magazines therefore I’ll be keeping an eye out for her articles every time I pick up a copy.
What she and her husband have done with that home is amazing!  It truly gives inspiration to those of us who currently live, or dream of living the farm life one day (I’m the latter one!).  However, her blog is so lovely that it gives inspiration to all of her readers… no matter where they live.
You can find Trina’s blog at

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