Friday, May 17, 2013

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Why You Shouldn't Give Up

When I used to watch “the View” a few years ago (I don’t watch anymore), I can remember the ladies discussing achieving goals, giving up on goals, etc.  One thing that Joy Behar said still sticks in my mind.  She asked (I’m paraphrasing), “But what about the people who keep aiming for a goal all of their lives but never achieve it?  Shouldn’t some of those people have given up?  How long should you keep trying before you finally realize it’s not going to happen and try something else?”  Again, as I mentioned, I can’t remember her exact words but that was basically what she asked, in a nutshell. I can’t remember what anyone’s response was to Joy’s question that day, but I can remember what my response was and still is today.
For anyone who has ever wondered if they should give up on a goal after it hasn’t happened for a while, my answer is simply, “Don’t give up on your goal, just change your strategy”.  Or in other words, don’t avoid your destination, just change your route!  For example; if you are going to the store but the route you take has a road block, you wouldn’t keep trying to go down that same road because you would never get there.  Either two things will happen.  You will either find an alternative route to get you to that store, or you will simply go to another store to purchase the exact same thing. 
The same thing happens with goals.  You either go in a different direction when you see the current one isn’t working.  Or you change (not give up on) your goal.  Never be afraid of change or get stuck on plans.  Sometimes God has things in store for us that are way bigger than anything we could possibly dream of on our own.  We all know of people who had a goal that took a while to achieve but when they finally did achieve it, it was completely different than what they had imagined. However, it brought them so much more satisfaction than their “original” goal ever could have.   A great example is Oprah.  She just wanted to be a successful journalist but we all see what happened with her! 
So when should you give up on your goals?  NEVER!  Anything you can believe, you can achieve.  I’m going to say it again…..Never give up!

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