Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Spotlight

I was contemplating if I was going to do a spotlight on this particular blog or not because unfortunately, the blog's owner, Mia decided to no longer continue posting on the blog.  She just made this announcement this week (after I had already decided she was going to be this week’s spotlight).  Fortunately she has decided to keep the blog up, therefore I decided to stick with her as this week's spotlight since it is such a wonderful, inspirational blog.

 Aspiring Homemaker was the very first blog I started following.  When Mia first started this blog she was just a teenager (I started reading about a year or 2 after she started it).   Her blog was basically a way for her to express her (and her family’s) new transition.  They had just purchased, fixed up then moved to a little cottage out in the country in Georgia.  She also talked about her experience of being homeschooled and how she was originally in the public school system, but her mother pulled her (and her sister) out to be homeschooled because she felt like public school was having a negative effect on her.  Mia started to love being homeschooled and then later started helping with the homeschooling of her younger siblings.

This blog is always so inspiring, refreshing and delightful to read.  Mia grew up right before her readers’ eyes and is now a young adult.  Therefore, I can certainly understand how she’s moving on to a new chapter in life and no longer feels the need to continue her blog.  We (her readers) hope she reconsiders, of course. 

I urge you to check out Mia’s blog.  She has posts dating all the way back to 2008, therefore there is plenty for you to read!  She has a TON of wonderful recipes, inspirational and spiritual posts.  I believe anyone who goes to her blog, leaves feeling better than they did when they arrived.

Check her out at

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