Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homemade Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Being a girly girl, I always find a reason to make arts and crafts. If it's girly...that's even better! So crafting for Valentine's Day was the perfect opportunity. There are so many things that can be done and the holiday is perfect for us girly girls.

What I have done is make a centerpiece by using ribbons, metallic tissue paper, rose petals and a battery opperated, flameless candle.

First I took a solid, red ribbon and wrapped it all the way around the candle.

I continued until the candle was fully covered. You can use the ribbon width of your choice. I used a very thin ribbon because it was what I had on hand. But using a wider ribbon will make the process go more quickly.

Once the candle was completely covered, I added a decorative ribbon on top.

Once I finished with the ribbons, I added a some Valentine's garland around the top rim of the candle.

The garland has little hearts hanging from it.

Next, I took the tissue paper and folded it to make a smaller square. You can manipulate it the way you want since it comes in a very large rectangle. You can even cut it if you like. I chose to fold it instead since the edges looked a little neater that way.

Once I folded it the way I wanted, I just taped the ends to keep them down.

Next, I placed the candle on a clear candle holder and placed them both on top of the metallic tissue paper.

After that, I just added some synthetic, pink and red rose petals around it.

In the evening, I turned on the flame (battery operated) to create a nice ambiance. Below I have a 30 second or so video showing you the different angles so that you can see it a little better.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

YAYYYYY The Green Bay Packers Won!

Yay, the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl! All of us here in Wisconsin are very ecstatic right now!

I remember the last time the Packers won the Super Bowl back when I was in High School. After they won I found out that the schools and businesses in Green Bay shut down the next day for a huge celebration. I wonder if they'll do the same tomorrow.

The Packers almost made it to the Super Bowl last year but ended up losing in the playoffs. But this year they more than made up for it. Not only did they make it to the Super Bowl, but they won! I've never been a die hard football fan and I rarely watch the Super Bowl, but I knew I had to watch when I found out the home team made it. Them actually winning was icing on the cake! I've seen that the Packers have been improving more and more lately, so who knows...maybe I'll actually become a die hard fan one of these days with the green paint in my hair, the Packers gear, memorabilia and all. (I highly doubt that! LOL)

Well, it's been a long night but I think I can finally go to bed now that I've witnessed the "Pack Attack"!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

1st Blizzard in 12 Years!

Yesterday we had our first blizzard since 1999. I was hoping that it would pass us but it did not!
The storm started Tuesday evening and went all the way until late morning yesterday or early afternoon in some areas. There was even thunder and lightning during the storm. We had already gotten a substantial amount of snow on Monday and this blizzard just added to the madness. The news reported that winds were 55 miles per hour causing huge snow drifts!

The aftermath of the blizzard was crucial, shutting the entire city down. The schools let out 30 minutes early on Tuesday, and yesterday all schools and majority of businesses were closed. The news reported that even public transportation was not running for the entire day! To make matters worse, schools were closed today as well. It was reported last night that schools would be closed again today because all of the roads still were not cleared. Despite their best efforts they just were not able to get them all done.

Here are some pictures I took...oddly enough, we had a sunny day today.

This snowbank is almost as tall as I am!

The snow was all the way up to my waist! Before the snow was cleared, I was literally crawling through it with my knees and hands. Trying to walk through it was NOT getting the job done. I kept getting stuck! LOL

Here it is after being still looks a little scary, lol. I'm glad I'm not the one who had to snow blow this. Snow removal services are life savers for us single women!

Well, since I was stuck in the house yesterday and today, I decided to catch up on my knitting. I made a practice baby bootie and I am pleased to say that I finally perfected knitting pearls!

I am now ready to knit my first"official" pair of baby booties. I'll be sure to share pictures with you of the finished product once I'm done!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Book of Prayers and Goals

For as long as I can remember, I have always written down all of my goals and aspirations. I eventually began using a designated book just for my plans and goals. I have found that writing down desires is a great way for bringing them into existence.

A few years ago, in addition to writing down goals and plans, I started writing down my prayers as well. It just made since to start writing down my prayers since I've always prayed for any goal I've had anyway. In addition to writing my prayers, I also continue to pray aloud.

For me, writing out my desires helps me to get my thoughts together and figure out exactly what I want. Seeing things on paper can look quite differently than the way they appear in my mind. Once they're actually written down, I can organize and review everything. There has been many times where after I've written something down, I would realize that there were other things I needed to do prior to that. There has also been many times while reading what I've written, that I would get the answer from God I was looking for telling me what to do.

The things in my book include letters to God, lists of desires, immediate goals, short term goals and long term goals. I have a pretty basic routine every night. I pray aloud, read over the things I've written, and write new goals and prayers (not necessarily in that order).
Once a prayer has been answered or a goal has been met, I will cross it off the list. I continue to read the lists daily, and continue to add to them and update them on a regular basis. I read my letters to God about once a week...sometimes more.

I have had many books over the years and they have always had one thing in common. They are always usually very girly. I have had different kinds of patterns and colors over the years. I usually always have some sort of matching pen as well. I always want my book to represent me and give me a good feeling everytime I see it.

In addition to reading over my book at night, I also read it first thing in the morning. It is always the first thing I see waking up and the last thing I see before going to sleep. As I mentioned earlier, I think it is very important to write things down and I think everyone could benefit from it. There are no rules or requirements for writing. It is between you and God, therefore, you can do it however you want. You don't even have to start with a designated book at first if you don't want to. You can simply take a notebook that you already have or loose leaf paper and a folder to begin. When things are written down, it gives one a whole new perspective. You'd be surprised how comforting it is to write a long letter to God pouring out your heart. It's a great release and often brings great enlightenment.
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