Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easily Remove Scuff Marks!

If you are fighting with ugly scuff marks on shoes, walls, appliances, etc then you will be pleased to know that there is a very simple way of removing them. All you need is some very effective, very inexpensive, rubbing alcohol. I'm sure many of you probably already have a bottle in your home.

Using Isopropyl rubbing alcohol as a scuff remover is something I learned many years ago while still in high school...still not exactly sure how I came to the discovery (But I strived to be "happy homemaker" even back then!). I only remember a friend of mine telling me that she had scuffs on her shoes and asked me if I knew what would get it off. I told her to try the rubbing alcohol and she tried it while still on the telephone with me. She was so shocked when it worked quickly and instantly!

Not too long ago, I removed scuffs from my oven and a wall. Both came off very easily. Keep in mind that the mark you see on a wall or appliance may not actually be a scuff. It could actually be a scratch, which is not going to come off. So how do you tell a scratch from a scuff, you ask?

Well, here's my explanation:

When looking at a mark on a wall or appliance (such as a stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, etc), you will usually be able to tell if it's a scuff or a scratch by the color of the mark.

If the mark is black or almost black, that usually means it is a scuff. It indicates that something has rubbed against it and... scuffed it.

However, if it is a scratch, the mark will usually look like a very light grey color. That is usually an indication that the paint on the appliance has been "scratched" off. The light grey you are seeing is the primer that is put on before painting. Therefore, once the layer of paint is scratched off, the primer is then exposed. Alcohol isn't going to do anything for that!

Below is a video of a demonstration I did getting scuffs off of a wall. I apologize that the video looks a little less clear than I anticipated. It was very clear until I converted and edited the file. But it is certainly clear enough to see the demonstration.

Hope you enjoy!

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