Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Time Favorite Movies

There are many movies that I have fallen in love with over the years. Some made me laugh, some made me cry and some made me do both! In this post I will share with you the very long list of movies that have left a lasting impression on me in one way or another. This is not so much a review, but just a list. Feel free to ask me questions, however, if you like!

Tied at number 1

Gone With the Wind - Based in the Civil War era and has the best ballgowns I have ever seen in my life! A movie the whole family can watch.
Harlem Nights- Based in the 1930's era and has some of the best fashion I've ever seen for men! This is not a kid friendly movie because of cursing and some violence.

The rest of these movies are in no particular order:

Forest Gump - I cried like a baby when I watched this!
Titanic - Another one that made me cry like a baby!
The Ruby Ring - Made for TV movie, based in the UK. Somewhat of a fairytale.
Courage to Love - Made for TV movie about the Louisiana Creoles in the 1800's
Haunted Mansion - Very cute Halloween movie. It's a kid's movie but I love it!
Crowned and Dangerous - Made for TV movie about a crazy beauty queeen! LOL
Little Women - This is a classic and so is the book...need I say more?
The Man in the Iron Mask - They made the set look just like Chateau de Versailles. I love it!
Hoodlum - 1930's Gangster movie. What is it about me and the 1930's?
An American Scandal - Made for TV Movie about Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson
The Haunting - I really liked that haunted house. Does that make me weird? Oh well! LOL
Pride & Predjudice - Need I say more?
Beauty - A modern day Beauty and the Beast
The Hog Father - A British movie about a make believe holiday similar to Christmas
Hocus Pocus - Yep, another kid movie. Maybe I'll grow up one day!
Preacher's Wife - Yes, I cried when I watched this one too. Geez, I'm such a cry baby!
Jane Eyre- The Masterpiece Theatre version is the best one, in my opinion.
Harry Potter- ALL OF THEM!
The Wedding - Made for TV movie based in the 1950's in Martha's Vineyard.
Eve's Bayou - Ohhhhhhh my goodness, I loved this movie... very deep. That's all I can say!
Henry VIII -I have an obsession with Medieval times! What can I say...
Robin Hood - The 1970's cartoon version. Yes, I said cartoon! LOL

Well here's my list of movies I have truly enjoyed and still enjoy from time to time. As I mentioned earlier, please feel free to ask me more about any of the ones you may not have seen.

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